Protein balances the promises of an online life and the complexity of real relationships. L.O.L (lots of love) dissects the effect of electronic communication on our relationship attitudes, uncovering the potential for an evolutionary shift in the way we live, love one another and belong to society in general.

Oscar Wilde wrote that “When you really want love, you will find it waiting for you”. This is probably what motivates those five million Brits who currently visit dating sites each month; as many as 20 per cent of all young newlyweds now meet online. Shifting between first and second life, between real and ideal self, L.O.L (lots of love) enters the lives of a group of six people trapped in their webs of aspirations, desires and self broadcasting. Against a glut of texts, blogs, photos and homemade movies, the characters narrate their busy and intricate electronic lives as their ability to physically interact becomes progressively more awkward and out of control.